Does ReptilesExpress offer Insurance for Live Arrival?

Other shippers offer insurance for Live Arrival of their animals.  At this time, ReptilesExpress only offers a Service Failure Insurance which is included in the price you pay for a label.
The vast majority of Priority Overnight FedEx shipments make it on-time to your customers.  Right now, it's about 95%.
The insurance our competitors offer only covers Live Arrival if there is a FedEx approved Service Failure.  
For example, let's say you ship an animal and it does not arrive alive and you bought insurance from a competitor.  Instead of arriving 10:30, it arrived at 12:30.  Let's also say FedEx denied the Service Failure Refund due to bad weather.  You would be denied your insurance claim.
The best way to ensure safe arrival of your animal is to look at the temperatures in transit.  Also follow any FedEx alerts.  If there is extreme weather in either your location or the customer's location, wait a few days.  Careful planning is the best way to ensure a safe trip for your animal.

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