Shipping During This Holiday Season

Holiday Season Shipping (December 1st Onwards)
We have already seen a tremendous amount of delays due to the holiday season (it is only November 30th at the time of writing!)
With the cold and volume of packages FedEx receive at this time there is a high chance that packages will be delayed.
At this current moment of time packages are typically arriving 2-6 hours later than FedEx committed to.
As always, the animals are the priority. We believe you know your animals better than anybody. If your animal will not be able to survive inside that box for more than 24 hours we urge you not to ship! These delays happen this time of year and are consistently getting worse. 
Important Dates
  1. December 4th will be the last day insurance can be purchased until the holiday is over. If you purchase insurance after these days, the insurance will be void and you will not be refunded that charge.
  2. After December 18th FedEx will not guarantee any commitment times. They have only to deliver overnight regardless if the label commits to a time of 10:30am, 12pm and etc. So Packages could be delivered at any time from early morning to late at night!
    1. Warning- This may change if the volumes grow too quickly. We will keep this updated as soon as we receive notification from FedEx
We thank you for putting the animals first and look forward to helping you grow your business in the future!
Happy Holidays!
Reptiles Express LLC 

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