Announcing RE Canada Shipping

In June, we will launch our new service – shipping your Reptiles to Canada.  In the past, you had to deal with multiple companies and governmental agencies to get your animal to your Canadian customers.  Now, you only deal with one company, ReptilesExpress, to manage the whole shipment. 
We think you will also be pleased with our pricing.
What does it cost to ship my Reptile to a customer in Canada?
For the first time, you can get the total cost to ship your Reptile to your Canadian customer in seconds! Visit our Quick Shipment Quote system on the homepage of
Input your Zip code, your customer’s (recipient) Zip code, weight and dimensions of your package, and click on “Go”.  
The quoted price includes the FedEx Priority label to ship your animal to our Atlanta facility, Fish & Wildlife (FWS) inspection fees, holding fees, brokering fees, customs fees, shipping fees to our partner company in Toronto, repackaging fees, and FedEx Priority shipment from Toronto to your customer in Canada.
If you want ship multiple animals to multiple customers at one time, our system makes it easy to get a price for the whole shipment.
The VAT (Value Added Tax) of 5% and CITES II permit charges if you ship a CITES II animal, are additional.
How does the service work?
To keep the price of the service as low as possible for everyone, we send animals in ‘groups’ of shipments. All group shipments will be scheduled by ReptilesExpress.  If you have a non-CITES II animal, pick an open date on our shipping calendar and ship your animal to our warehouse near Atlanta, GA on that date.  If you have a CITES II animal, a FWS permitting process is required.
The shipments will be sent to our partner company in Toronto.  Our partner company will split the shipments and send directly to your recipients.
How do I send a CITES II animal to my customer in Canada?
FWS requires three documents from US shippers:
1. CITES 11 permits
2. Animal Declaration
3. FWS Inspection
 We will file the paperwork on your behalf and group permits to one shipment.  FWS takes from 30 to 60 days to process permits.  Once the permit has been obtained, we will schedule a time for you to ship your animal(s) to your customer in Canada.  The cost to obtain the CITES II permits are:
Number of Animals Shipped
Import Permit Fee
The permit fees are non-refundable.  It is important that the paperwork is filled out correctly so Fish & Wildlife doesn’t reject your permit. Final payment for the shipment costs will be made at the time of shipment scheduled.
How do I send a non-CITES animal to my customer in Canada?
FWS requires two documents from US shippers:
1. Animal Declaration Form.
2. FWS Inspection
FWS does NOT require a permit to ship your non-CITES animal to Canada. 
When you fill out your order online for each animal, you will be able to fill out the declaration information for us to present to FWS during inspection.
The available ship dates will be highlighted when you place your shipment order:
Can I ship my Reptiles anywhere in Canada?
Unfortunately, FedEx does not cover all Canada with one day service yet.  If your shipment falls in a two-day Priority Overnight zone from our Toronto office, the shipment is not eligible.  That’s simply too much time in transit for the animal.  You can tell if your shipment is eligible for ReptilesExpress shipping by putting your customer’s zip code into the Quick quote system:
Click on the link below for more information.

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