How do I file a claim?


All claims must be filed through this support portal.  

Shipper must provide a receipt for the purchase of the live reptile. If the shipment is not a commercial transaction, shipper must provide a copy of the itemized packing list from the package, which is required by the Lacey act. This provides proof of value.

Shipper must provide clear digital photos or video of all packaging, showing legible label on the box, condition of outer box, insulation inside box, packing material, heat/cold pack if applicable and snake bag/deli cup. This proves the shipper followed Reptiles Express shipping guidelines.

Shipper must provide clear digital photos or video of the animal, clearly showing its condition and markings, as well as rolled onto its back. This provides proof of dead arrival.

Animal must be kept frozen for 90 days or until the claim is released, whichever comes first. If the animal can’t be provided upon Reptiles Express request, the claim will not be paid.

All evidence — receipt/packing list and photos/video — must be provided within twelve hours of the delivery. Claim payments will be made to the shipper.

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