Do I have to use ReptilesExpress Packaging?

Many people ask if they have to buy their boxes from ReptilesExpress to use the service.
The short answer is no.
However, you must use FedEx approved packaging to ship your animal.

What's different about the FedEx approved packaging?

  1. There is a Styrofoam insert in the box.  ReptilesExpress Styrofoam is a little thicker than most others.  The Styrofoam not only gives the box additional strength in transit, but provides better insulation.
  2. The box needs at least a 200 PSI crush test.
  3. The box must be white with Red Letters.
  4. The box must be labeled properly (Live Animals)
There are several vendors who sell these boxes.  While you don't have to buy them from ReptilesExpress, to remain with our service you must use a FedEx approved box when you ship with us.
Important and Interesting Note
If you ever get the chance to visit a FedEx hub, take it.  These Hubs are massive and filled with conveyors.  Not all packages are treated the same in the FedEx Hub Conveyor system.
FedEx treats WHITE boxes differently.  The white box is considered to 'Perishable & Fragile' items.  These white boxes are put on a different conveyor system that are not as high above the ground.  If the package falls off the conveyor system by accident, they don't fall as far - therefore doing less damage in transit.
Please resist the temptation to save a few dollars and ship with the wrong box.  These boxes were design with the safety of your animal in mind.

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