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August 5 2015
I had the pleasure of working with Amy (Customer Support) today, I have a very rare Python that is being shipped to me today, unfortunately my snake did not make the appropriate flight from Florida, (fed ex fault) so it was held up in Memphis Tennessee, it's scorching hot there, and there is a a chance the python could die due to it being overheated, she took the right precautions and put it in a temperature controlled area within your facilities,
I was extremely upset when the snake did not arrive at my doorstep this morning, there's a reason why we "consumers" overnight things, it's reasons like this,
Amy had called me and explained to me the situation I was furious when I found out what had happened, I know she worked her hardest to get that snake on the next flight which she did and to have it expedited to my doorstep tonight, I just want to let to whom it may concern know that she was extremely professional, she worked tirelessly all day to get that python to me, and I want to thank you guys for making this happen.
FedEx is at fault for this, somehow, someway Amy made it happen! She kicks ass! Sincerely Carlos Hernandez

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I just wanted to put a good word in for Amy. I started using your company for the discounted shipping rates. But I've learned over time that is the second best thing about your company. Amy has got to be the best at what she does across the charts. She is always extremely attentive of every single package I've ever sent out. I've told her atleast a couple times to tell you to give her a raise.

This past Thursday I sent out a box to AZ. It was a nightmare because it got held over in Indianapolis. She got right on top of it before I knew what was going on. It was less than 10 degrees there. She got my box inside in a temp controlled room. The animal arrived alive a day late. The only reason it wasn't dead is because she was proactive. The whole time she expressed concern for the animal and it showed me she cared not just about me being happy but that the animal was taken care of to the very best of her abilities.
I've had a few other small concerns in recent time which she immediately addressed and took care of.
Don't ever let her go. I promise you can't replace her.

Give that girl a raise!!!

Thank you for you services!!!

Craig Wyatt 

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